Price List



Attendance of the school

The child can attend the school 2,3,4 or 5 times a week.
The attendance can be planned individually according to your needs.

Payment Conditions

We provide a discount 5% for annual payment in advance.

We provide a discount 10% for school tuition for 2nd child from the same family. We provide a 15% discount for the school tuition for the 3rd child from the same family (the discount is credited to the sibling who occurs at a lower frequency or younger sibling).

We are running a special beneficial program “bring your friend”. Bring and introduce your friends to our school and receive 50% of their first month school tuition back (split between you and your friends equally and deducted from the following invoice).

If you wish to enroll your child/children in TETTY school you will be asked to fulfill a registration form, sign a contract of education and pay a deposit of 10.000Czk deductible from the first school tuition. If you pay a deposit and you don‘t enroll your child, the deposit is not refundable.


Tuition, attendance and refunds:

  • Trips, intensive courses, afternoon clubs and extracurricular activities are billed separately.
  • Tuition fees are paid in three (3) installments for relevant semester of the School Year within the following deadlines:

                1st payment: School Fee for September, October, November, and December due by 31.7..;

                2nd payment: School Fee for January, February, and March due by 30.11..;

                3rd payment: School Fee for April, May, and June due by 28. 2.;

by bank transfer to the account number 4314422319/0800 at Česká spořitelna or by cash in the school office nursery. In case of default of payment of more than 7 days without prior agreement, the office of the school will offer a place at the nursery / preschool to another family on the waiting list.

  • The office must be informed of any change which will affect the child’s attendance in the next month (planned vacations etc.). In case of absence, parents are required to inform the school of the absence and the estimated length of absence. Absence should be reported in advance in Twigsee app or to the school office telephone number in case of illness by 8:00 on the day of the absence.
  • For children with irregular attendance (less than 5 full days a week): Tuition is paid for 10 months of the academic year in the 3 installments in the agreed amount according to the price list. Properly excused (day before or until 8:00 in the day of absence) and planned absence can be rescheduled after agreement with the class teacher for another day (only during the actual academic year, not in the summer program).
  • For children with regular attendance (5 full days): Tuition is paid for 10 months of school of the academic year in the 3 installments in the agreed amount according to the price list. Prolonged absence (2 weeks and more) is possible after agreement with the office cut monthly preschool tuition for a period of absence for 50% of the tuition fees. Office has to be informed in advance.
  • Holidays and days off are included in the tuition fees and there is not a discount for these days. Summer program is ordered and paid separately according to the number of ordered weeks
  • In the event that the kindergarten is under quarantine or is closed for reasons related to an adverse epidemiological situation (e.g. COVID-19, etc.), all or part of the kindergarten, face-to-face teaching will be replaced within 3 working days at the latest by distance teaching, which will be in the scope adequate to the child's age and expected educational outcomes and will take place on the MS TEAMS platform under Global Minded accounts. In the case of online teaching, the kindergarten has 10 tablets that can be borrowed for the purposes of online teaching. Tuition for such period remains unchanged. In such a case, the meal fee is not paid or is refunded in the amount corresponding to the period of closure of the kindergarten.





2 in the morning

(7,30 – 13,00)

11 500 Kč

2 whole days

(7,30 – 17,00)

15 800 Kč

3 in the morning

(7,30 – 13,00)

16 200 Kč

3 whole days

(7,30– 17,00)

20 400 Kč

4 in the morning

(7,30 – 13,00)

18 700 Kč

4 whole days

(7,30 – 17,00)

23 400 Kč

5 in the morning

(7,30 – 13,00)

21 100 Kč

5 whole days

(7,30 – 17,00)

26 400 Kč